Super. Black. is a haven for superhero and pop culture representation. Your hosts Carl and Dan are your guides through the multicultural multiverse of super characters.

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Unnecessary F.A.Q Incoming

1Why did you create Super. Black.?
I grew up loving comics and super heroes. It was, and still is, a big part of my life. As I grew older I realized I never really identified with any one character. It wasn’t as if I had to, but it would have been nice. I started Super. Black. as a way to show those who can’t identify with mainstream Supers, there are cool heroes who look like you too. And to those who CAN see themselves in Batman and Reed Richards, check out these other awesome characters!
2Isn’t Super. Black. a limiting name? Not everyone coming here will be black.
Good. I would love all people to come and enjoy the heroes and villains presented here. It is a celebration after all. No one is excluded from loving super heroes. That’s why we have them.
3But why Super. Black.? There is so much punctuation and see the question above.
Super. Black. serves as two (2) one word sentences. It’s impactful. When you say it as it is written (as individual clauses) you can sense the power in splitting them up. The full stop gives each word more umph. It’s also unique as hell.
4I am very offended by *something* on this site/podcast?
That sucks. Good luck with that.
5I have a character I would like to hear about on the podcast!
Excellent, head over to the contact page and send your suggestions.
6So you have a podcast. Big deal! What else are you offering?
Wow, you are combative. I am working on a fresh-ta-death web app (that may be the first time that was ever written) with lots of media and things to click though. You know, like the kids do. There are also some community initiatives coming, as well as a store, more shows and other things I haven’t thought of yet but are in production.
7Are you looking for help?
Yes. Much. I still need contributing writers for the blog. If you know anyone interested in writing for free or talking for free, I would love to hear about it. Hit the contact page or head to twitter and let me know what’s up. Did I mention it was non-paying, free-as-all-hell gig?
8How can I help make Super. Black. huge?
Oh, you're so nice. Here is a short list for your kind words.
  • You can start by telling your friends to come here. Social media is a good place for that kind of thing.
  • Follow @superblackorg on Twitter and Instagram and engage with me on nerdy things.
  • Send suggestions for show topics and keep the ideas flowing.
  • Point me in the direction of people who may find Super. Black. interesting so I can pester them.
  • Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes
  • You can find the show on Tunein (Note: If you have an Amazon Echo, you can ask Alexa to "Play the Super. Black. Podcast., and she totally will!)
9Who is the hero in the Super. Black. logo?
I have no earthly idea, he's a made up dude. He doesn't even have a name yet. Maybe he's Universal Remote From The Planet Xexen Kriit 7. Galactic freelance Quantum Gladiator of Morally Ambiguous Justice!. Or whatever. I don't know.
10Who is your favorite super hero?
Wolverine has been my go to guy my entire life. Hugh Jackman aside, I still love that character. He had a bit of 'Superman Syndrome' when the writers basically wrote him to be immortal, but recently he's become more interesting without his healing factor. The Old Man Logan run (HA Logan's Run) is pretty good too. Some would say he's an easy go-to choice but I am no fair-weather fan. Been team Logan for 20+ years.
11Favorite villain?
I don't like bad people... But if I had to choose I would say Psycho Mantis. That man made my controller rumble.