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Super. Black. – Blackification 101: All New Black Characters

Credit: Adult Swim Jefferson Twilight being slick
Jefferson Twilight: Top 6 Black Monsters
March 3, 2016
Black Lightning - Super. Black.
Black Lightning
September 12, 2016

Blackification 101: All New Black Characters

Captain America V Iron Man V The Rocketeer(?)

On this episode of Super. Black. I am joined by my good buddy and fellow Berd Daniel O’Brien. We sat down to discuss the Blackification of popular characters. The overall question being, do these changes feel forced? Sam Wilson (Captain America, former Falcon), Riri Williams(Ironheart / Iron Man) and the yet-to-be-named new version of The Rocketeer take center stage as we dissect these characters for what seems like forever. All while trying to contain our nerd love for all of these characters.

With this All New crop of black characters, would they be better served divorced from these iconic mantles? Do we come to a consensus? Rule of threes third question? Find out all of this and more in this edition of Super. Black.!

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Show Notes:

  • Time: 28 min 27 sec
  • Hero art done by today’s guest Daniel O’Brien (how slick is that image people!? I am Wolverine!)
  • Visit Daniel O’Brien on all his social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram) and hire him for all your illustration needs! Don’t forget to support his upcoming book “The Carnival Prince”. Tweet at him and tell him to start a Patreon or something. He won’t listen to me.
  • We went on for quite some time. Clips and outtakes coming soon.


Berd: A Black Nerd. I don’t adhere to the term “Blerd”. It reminds me of the onomatopoeia “Blah” which is dismissive and negative. Also, I am allowed to make up words just like everyone else. Also also, regular birds can fly, so I’m a Berd.

Onomatopoeia: And overly long word overcompensating for its admittedly mundane meaning

Blackification: It’s basically race swapping but that sounds both racist and like an early 2000’s reality show title, so Blackification it is.


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