Black Lightning - Super. Black.
Black Lightning
September 12, 2016
Luke Cage
Luke Cage turns bullet-riddled hoodie into a symbol
October 3, 2016
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Luke Cage: Super. Black.

Luke Cage: Super. Black.

Luke Cage: Super. Black.

Luke Cage: The hero for hire. Sweet Christmas…

Today, Super. Black. revisits Luke Cage, now outside the confines of his freelance supering. Daniel and Carl discuss all the little nuances of Mr. Carl Lucas. We touch on his various wardrobe incarnations, his impact as a super powered person, our favorite version of the man and the impending Netflix series.


Luke Cage & Iron Fist

Click the image to listen to Luke Cage & Iron Fist: Top 6 tips for freelance Superhero Success!


Super. Black. Creative.

Today, we introduce a new feature to Super. Black. Carl and Daniel stretch their nerd muscles and begin brainstorming a new, unique super person, exclusive to the burgeoning Super. Black. Universe. Join us in our creative process by visiting us on Twitter and leaving us suggestions, or head over to the contact page and pen a lengthy submission. All positive folks. Too much hate in the world, don’t you agree?