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Ghost Rider

Luke Cage
Luke Cage turns bullet-riddled hoodie into a symbol
October 3, 2016
December 22, 2016

Ghost Rider: “So… You’ve got the devil inside you, too? “

In this installment of Super. Black. Dan and Carl take a ride in a souped up 1969 Dodge Challenger, set it ablaze and ride it to hell. Robbie Reyes a.k.a Ghost Rider is in the hot seat (pun intended) as we cover his powers, his specific Spirit of Vengeance, his ride and his flame retardant HELLmet.

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider – Robbie Reyes: Super. Black.

13:22 – Creation Studio: Hitodama Ghost Rider

In our second segment, The Creation Studio (we are workshopping the name), Dan and Carl put their nerd brains together and create their own version of The Ghost Rider. You can find a synopsis below.

In Feudal Japan, a loyal samurai is possessed by the spirit Hitodama; a fire demon created and fueled by tormented souls seeking justice. The initial possession is too much for the Bushido Warrior to handle and they are overtaken. In this state, the spirit rids the world of the samurai’s Emperor, destroying his palace and setting fire to the village. In the ensuing chaos, the samurai loses their family, and their humanity. Distraught, our hero tries to perform Seppuku, only to have the demon take over once more, preventing an honorable death. With death off the table and options limited, the Ronin decides to go into exile, piling their meager possessions into a broken down rickshaw and making their way through Japan.

Today, the Spirit of Vengeance roams the hillsides, pulling a flaming rickshaw behind them. Adorned in traditional samurai armor, which is charred and tempered from years of flame and sin. Armed with a traditional Katana, an ornately decorated Hell Glaive, and their disgraced samurai helmet which is used to complete the Power Of Penance.  They can ignite wicked souls with a look and ferry them to hell incased in a human avatar.

“Let the sinners fear the hills and the towns and the prefectures. The rickshaw holds no bias. May they all be ghost riders.”


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As always, the amazing artwork featured here was created by our own Dan O’Brien (The Carnival Prince, Art of Dan O’Brien)