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December 22, 2016
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June 11, 2017

Black Ranger: Zack Taylor

MASTODON! The war cry of the Hip Hopkiedo master Zack Taylor. Zack is the progenitor of the Black Ranger mantle. He is one-fifth of the color-coded warrior children, The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

The Black Ranger cometh to Super. Black.

Whoa indeed Zack. Whoa, indeed.

This episode of Super. Black. focuses on the dance-fighter turned space sentinel of the popular 90’s children’s cartoon The Power Rangers. Growing up in the 90’s, Zack gave many small blerds(berds) a character to identify with. We certainly found ourselves on the playground screaming “Mastodon!”. Gleefully initiating the power fueled role call with our friends. All despite our collective inability to dance or throw a proper kick (unlike today where our collective forms have improved ten fold…).

Today, Carl & Dan wax poetic on the role of the Black Ranger character and its progression from old-school dancer to the drug-fueled assassin.



The Forge: The “Forever Black” Black Ranger Challenge

In The Forge, the Super. Black. duo try and rapid fire create 10 custom Black Rangers. All for an impromptu “Forever Black” episode of The Power Rangers. The exercise went quite well, all things considered. We also fall well short of 10, despite our best efforts. Dan could no longer navigate the racial minefield we stumbled upon.

Note: There is a mention of Forever Red and the red rangers. There is a moment when we call Zack a Red Ranger. Can’t do anything about it now, but know that we know and we aren’t sorry.


Black Ranger Show Notes

Episode Length: 40:00 mins

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Forge Theme: “Strength & Iron”

End Theme: “Victory in flight!”