Black Manta

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June 11, 2017
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September 18, 2017

Black Manta, The Scourge Of Atlantis! This marks our very first Villain episode and I must say we enjoyed crafting our own back story for Mr. Manta. Today, we cover the many appearances of the villain, and chat about our first encounters with the sea-faring terrorist

The Forge

Dan & I craft a tragic origin for our very own version of UFO head. We create one heavy back story for the guy. Listen and enjoy as we nerd out and create our own fleshed out Black Manta!

The Injustice of Blank Manta

Black Manta steps out of the shadows and joins the fight in Injustice 2 this September! Originally a stage hazard in the Atlantis arena, The underwater terrorist is now stepping up as a playable character. Fully equipped with laser eyes, his own trident and rocket launchers, Black Manta looks like a formidable addition to the Injustice roster.

I am terrible at this game. I choose to believe I haven’t found the right character. I wanted Supergirl or Red Hood as my main characters. I can’t wrap my mind around Red Hood’s move set. I continually mess up Kara’s move set as well. Will Mr. Manta be that guy? The outlook is doubtful. My fingers simply do not cooperate.

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Black Manta Show Notes:

Episode Length: 37:00 mins

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Forge Theme: “Strength & Iron”

End Theme: “Victory in flight!”


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