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Black Lightning

Blackification 101: All New Black Characters
Super. Black. – Blackification 101: All New Black Characters
August 10, 2016
Luke Cage: Super. Black.
Luke Cage: Super. Black.
September 28, 2016

Black Lighting

His lightning is actually blue

UPDATE: 5/23/17

The first trailer was released (find it below) and I must say, we are interested in the show. While the costume does leave a lot to be desired, I can appreciate the heart the producers are trying to infuse into the character. The great thing about selecting Black Lighting is he comes with very little baggage and a wide open door for interpretation. The show looks to cover topics like gang violence, police brutality, work/life balance and how to stiffly jump off balconies while superhero-ing. All hot button issues in the black community. I hope the show does well and eventually takes a page out of Arrow’s playbook and rethinks that costume. It’s just awful.



Black Lightning Terrible Costume Breakdown

CBR had a great breakdown o the best and worst costumes in the DC TV Universe. I would like to add Black Lighting to that list, CBR. I would like to add it very much.


It’s Stiff and Bulky

Black Lighting leaping from a balcony

Black Lighting leaping from a balcony

To effectively super hero, one must be nimble and quick. With a name like Black Lightning, you would imagine he would be fast, striking with fury and precision. I suppose you can make the argument that in the photo he sort of resembles crackling lightning. In actuality that suit looks like a hinderance. Not just in the fantasy TV world Jefferson lives in, but in our actual world where Cress Williams has to put that enormous rubber contraption on and do things like walk, or talk. The costume looks like it makes it hard to blink, let alone create action scenes in.


The goggles offer no protection / concealment

Black Lighting doing something resembling a grin

Black Lighting doing something resembling a grin

“Hi Jefferson. Yes, of course I know its you. The goggles are clear man, I can see your face. Jesus Jeff, why would you think the beard could throw me off? Stop smiling like that…!”

I am not sure if he is trying to hide or not. There are elements in the trailer that suggests everyone already knows who Black Lighting is. If he is trying to do the standard superhero trope of protecting his loved ones by concealing his identity, he missed the memo on actually concealing his identity. This one is a step below Arrow’s grease paint domino mask. At least Ollie had a hood to cover his incredibly recognizable blonde hair.



Black Lightning standing like a super hero

Black Lightning standing like a super hero

I don’t really like the CW costumes very much, with the exception of Arsenal from Arrow. This costume follows the trend set by Smallville all those years ago. Adapting costumes from comic books is very difficult. When you factor in budgets, multiple creative inputs, and style trends and you end up with vastly different but not better versions of the outfits. This is a very good example of that. This outfit looks like an adaptation of The Atom’s suit from Legends of Tomorrow, which itself is inspired by Iron Man.


Reliant on Tech

I am a little torn on this one. It is a bit of an offshoot from the point above, as Jefferson is prototyping a tech heavy suit to help him do superhero things. I do, however, appreciate Jefferson being smart and capable enough to create his own prototypes and super suits. He doesn’t need a Cisco or a Felicity to achieve science things. He puts in the work himself. On the flip, if he wants to deflect bullets, why not create an electric field around his body to do that? You don’t need a bulletproof suit when you can theoretically push the bullets away with an EMP or melt them before they hit you. You are made of lightning…use it.




Original Post

Of all the heroes they could have chosen, am I right? Black Lightning is the focus of the second half of this edition of Super. Black. Daniel and I kick off the episode by rambling on and generally being nerds. Then, we concept the worst possible (overall best idea) TV show for the character of Black Lightning. We have great fun deeply offending ourselves and mask it with laughter. It’s all quite wonderful.

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